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Pocket Compass & Sundial

Pocket Compass & Sundial

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This handheld, metal compass & sundial is the perfect pirate or cartographer's prop.  Comes in a wooden box with "Rue Adventuring Company" on a brass plate. Pocket sized compass & sundial is 2 inches wide by 2.25 inches tall. The gnomon (the pointer part) flips up and down for use. Click the button on top to open the face and view the working compass underneath.

Ships within 3-5 business days.

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Customer Reviews

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Kristin P.
Buy. It.

I left this same review on Twitter:

Map-o-holics, D&D peeps! If you've been sleeping on this compass.. Stop it!
Run, don't walk. Its not light or cheap feeing/looking at all. Look at that box!! It's also a pocket watch (yes, that's a sundial you see). And the cost makes this an easy choice. BUY IT! NOW!

Feel Like a Real Adventurer

Looking for directions, but can't find them. Want to know the time, but all you have is the sun in the sky...
Look no further than this awesome Compass/Sundial. Not only is the box it comes in super official looking, but the piece itself will have you looking for your next adventure.
Could not be happier to begin adventuring again with this awesome piece by my side.

Jon L.
Compass Sundial

Another one of my favorite items from the shop. The compass/Sundial is the usual high quality along with the elegant case it comes with. Just looking at the compass you imagine it comes from times long ago and if it could tell tales would have countless journeys to recount. It displays perfectly with the Sextant and the Spyglasses to make for a really fun set.

Mike Z.
The best way to get to your destination

I couldn't be more happy with the compass and sundial prop. I am going to be using this in my tabletop games by giving it to the navigator during the game so they can plot there way across the treacherous waters of Saltmarsh. Or maybe the journey to Barovia. Or maybe to the jungles of Chult. Wherever the adventure takes the group, I know they will appreciate this beautiful instrument as much as I do. It will greatly add to the immersion in the game.

Beautiful item, and works really well!

I bought this as a prop because it's gorgeous and has just the look I wanted. Just holding it makes me want to go on an adventure! The compass and sundial really work, and the wooden box it comes with makes it feel like a real treasure!