Rue the Cartographer

Rue the Cartographer by Elaine Ryan & Deven Rue

About the Rue the Cartographer Project:
Rue is my personal character created to insert into any campaign as a guide or quest giver. I love how many people have added me as a map maker in their campaigns and I thought it would be fun to actually make a character. 

She's gone through a bit of changes over the years but I'm happy to finally bring her to her final form as a level 20 Ranger Archtype Cartographer thanks to the artistic skills of Elaine Ryan.

She is the founding member of the Rue Adventuring Company and is ready to share her map-making skills, work as a guide, or dole out quests. She also works with The Magisterial Society of Scriveners & Cartographers.

She's been graced with the boons of the Wandering Mistress that she carries with her.

How to add Rue to your campaign: