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Tip Jar

Tip Jar

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If you like my artwork and would like to help me create more, please considering adding a little something to my tip jar!

If you're downloading any of my free items, please help keep them free for everyone by adding a tip to my jar in whatever amount you are comfortable with. 

You can make a one-time payment or add a monthly amount to my tip jar and help ensure I keep creating!

**** BUCKET LIST ****

Every map I create takes 2-3 weeks of work to complete from start to finish. This means even the fan art maps I want to make would take a *lot* of time away from my regular work to complete and thus makes them impossible for me to afford to create. However, if you would like me to make any of the maps on my bucket list, you can sponsor me for any amount either in a one-time payment or monthly if you want. 

Once we've raised the funds for a project, I'll start creating the map and will release it free for everyone to download from my website.

Current Bucket List:

  • Thedas from Dragon Age - $1000 
  • Map from The Witcher - $1000 
  • Tameriel from The Elder Scrolls series - $1000 
  • Westeros - $1000 
  • Outlander - $500 
  • Faerun - $1000
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