The Wandering Mistress

The Wandering Mistress by Elaine Ryan & Deven Rue

About the Wandering Mistress Project:
I wanted to create something special for everyone to use in their home games. After so many people told me I was their "patron goddess of cartography", I decided to actually make one! The Wandering Mistress is a myth, a legend, a story sailors tell each other. She's a guiding light for the lost, a warm meal to a weary traveler, a welcoming inn during a harsh thunderstorm and someone you can add to any campaign.  The Wandering Mistress if the goddess of travel, exploration, compassion, & adventure.

The Mistress' portrait was created by Elaine Ryan.

About the Mistress herself:
Mostly worshipped by nomads and sailors, the Wandering Mistress is also a favorite of those seeking to explore the uncharted. Her symbol is a bright star compass with a woman wearing a "crown of nature and sea pearls".  She is said to take the form of an unexpected guide for those who are lost and may take the form of an animal, person, or star.  She is also the patron goddess of cartographers, guiding their hands to create masterful maps with mystical arcane abilities.

Known to appear to those lost at sea or in nature as an animal (dolphin/sparrow) or guide (human/humanoid form) and will lead them to a safe place they know in exchange for small markers placed along paths so that others can find their way.

Not just a guide, the Wandering Mistress is an oasis, an unexpected shelter from the elements, a port in the storm, or an inviting inn along an otherwise abandoned road.  She is comfort to a weary traveler, a song to pass the time, a sea shanty, or a glorious sunset to make your travels that much more enjoyable.

Appearance: As an animal, she most often takes the form of a dolphin at sea or a sparrow on land.  In her human-type form, she wears long flowing robes that give the impression of a rolling landscape.  Her skin is deep bronze from the sun and her hair is copper colored with vines and pearls as a "crown".  Her eyes are the color of "teal waters" shifting from green to blue.


  • The Wandering Mistress: PDF Download 
  • 'Take Us Home' original track created by Colm McGuinness for this project:
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    • Lyrics found in "The Assembled Lore of the Wandering Mistress" PDF below
  • "The Assembled Lore of the Wandering Mistress" gathered by Archivist Leilatha Brightwing of The Magisterial Society of Scriveners & Cartographers : PDF Download 
  • Boons Coloring Page by Mischi
  • Boons from the Mistress (included in The Wandering Mistress PDF):