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  • A preview of the mountain range Cartography Brush pack by Deven Rue.

    ABR Brushes

    Create your own in-world maps using Deven's hand-drawn brushes! ABR file extension so you can use them in Photoshop, Gimp, Procreate, & more!

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  • A section of the Ortheiad Map to show Malia, a series of islands.

    VTT Map Packs

    Don't have time to draw your own maps? Deven's got you covered with her VTT map packs! Choose with or without labels to name your own towns & cities!

    Start Exploring VTT Map Packs 
  • A GIF of Deven holding a fine tip pen drawing blades of grass into a map.

    Learn Cartography

    Whether you want to learn how to draw them digitally or on paper, Deven's cartography lessons are fantastic for showing you the ropes & world build from the map up!

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  • Image of 6 wooden pins surrounding a card from Rue Adventuring Company. Pins feature various cartography designs with the words Explorer, Adventurer, Treasure Hunter, Surveyor, Scout, and Navigator engraved in them.

    Get Patron-Only Content & Discounts!

    Join Deven's creative community, learn cartography, get free brushes & assets, download free maps, join the patron-only Discord server!

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  • Image of Liam O'Brien holding a handcrafted prop map of Xhorhas made by Deven Rue has he stares intently into the camera. Marisha Ray sits just behind the map looking concerned.

    Critical Role Merch

    As seen on Critical Role! Deven's work is featured on various products & in books from Critical Role with more coming out all the time!

    Visit the Critical Role Shop 
  • A screen cap of Colm McGuinness's YouTube video in which he sings Take Us Home.

    Gain +1 CHA

    Check out the original sea shanty written by Colm McGuinness for The Wandering Mistress herself! Perfect for your sailing characters and cartographers.

    Sing Along with Colm 
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  • Rue the Cartographer, a purple Tiefling Adventurer with a staff topped with purple crystals, in front of a regional map.

    Rue the Cartographer

    Ever want to add me to your world? Well now you can! Rue the Cartographer comes with a character sheet, unique items, & uses my custom Ranger Class!

    Download her character sheet 
  • The Wandering Mistress, a crowned goddess whose clothing appears to be made from mountains, earth, grass, and water, in front of a galaxy background.

    The Wandering Mistress

    Meet the Wandering Mistress, a patron goddess for travelers, explorers, & cartographers! An original character created by Deven Rue!

    Enter the Mistress' temple 
  • The Cartographer cover for the Ranger archetype on DMs Guild.

    Cartographer Ranger Subclass

    The Cartographer is a ranger archetype for intrepid explorers, map makers, and trailblazers who forge their own paths through the wilderness!

    Get it on the DMG 
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