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Cartography Consultation

Cartography Consultation

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Whether it's a map you've already made, a world you're working on, or an idea you want help with, you can now book a consultation appointment with professional fantasy cartographer, Deven Rue!

Consultations usually take about 2 hours and are conducted over Deven's Discord server in a private voice channel where you'll be able to share files or screenshare your map. There is no video or cameras to worry about.

Things generally covered in consultations:

  • Any geographical errors or anything that might break immersion.
  • Types of biomes, ecosystems, animals, and plant life that would, or wouldn't, be in various areas of the map.
  • Possible past cultures in an area leading to what type of ruins or treasure may be found there.
  • Types of resources areas of the map would have.
  • Help filling in blank spaces on your map.
  • Creating local legends, myths, deities, & mysteries.
  • Tons more!

If you subscribe to my Patreon, you get a steep discount! If you miss your appointment, rescheduling is free, just message me for a discount code. Missed appointments and cancellations after 72 hours of booking an appointment are non-refundable.

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  • Daniel S. said:

    I recently had the pleasure of consulting with Deven Rue on a cartography project, and the experience was nothing short of exceptional. From the outset, Deven demonstrated a deep understanding of a wide range of topics that enriched our conversation and the development of my maps. We delved into discussions about diverse cultures and biomes, explored the implications of tectonic plate theory on geographical formations, and even tackled the intriguing scenario of a forest afflicted by blight.

    What made this consultation particularly valuable was not just the breadth of knowledge Deven shared, but the manner in which it was shared. The conversation was educational, engaging, and highly collaborative. Deven not only answered every question I had but also enriched our dialogue with insightful observations and suggestions. I left our session equipped with a host of action items, a collection of helpful links for further exploration, and an invigorated sense of excitement for my project.

  • C. King said:

    We had a very pleasant discussion regarding a world map I had made. Deven provided me with a lot of very useful insight into the way that landforms impact settlement (why would people live there or more importantly why would they stay) which led to talking about importance of keeping of track of where and how abundant the resources are to understand why people might live in otherwise inhospitable areas . We discussed weather patterns, trade routes and why my map needed more lakes, roads, and small settlements. It was time well spent and I got a lot out of it.

  • B. Rose said:

    I wasn't sure what to expect but from the moment the conversation started, I found myself feverishly taking notes and feeling truly inspired! Deven's enthusiasm for world building is infectious and she makes you want to dive into details you hadn't even considered before! I've already booked my next session with her!