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VTT Scout Map

VTT Scout Map

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As your party walks down a path through a meadow, off to the side in a patch of grass is a satchel that looks like it's been exposed to the weather for some time. Upon closer inspection, there's a small pile of letters, a few coins, bits of cloth, and a map. All but one of the letters are a one sided conversation where someone is attempting to dissuade the reader to not do something "foolish" and to turn around and "come home alive". The last letter is clearly who the letters were intended for as it's hastily written with an excited hand about the "rumors are true" and that they'll be careful.

Looking at the map, you realize you aren't far from one of the bridges indicated on the map...


Created for the cartography course tutorial on making a scout map, this is a great way to bring your players or readers into an immersive bit of story telling.

Download is 72DPI, under 10M, and available upon purchase. Great to use with your favorite VTT. Final image does not contain watermark. 

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