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Mini 6" Spyglass with Box

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This handheld, telescoping beautiful brass mini spyglass goes from just 3 inches to 6 inches!  With a brass cap to protect the lens it's a perfect pirate or cartographer's prop.  Comes in solid wood box with "Rue Adventuring Co." engraved on a brass plate.  Magnification: 2x

Ships within 3-5 business days.

Customer Reviews

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Eileen C.

Comes in the cutest little wooden box, very well made, and fits the spyglass perfectly. The spyglass itself is high quality and has a good weight, and it expands and retracts super smoothly. So happy with this!

Love this little gem of an item

Putting together my shelf of D&D related adventuring I decided to add this to the mix to give some variety to it. I love this little piece. It’s well made. The box it comes in works well for what I’m doing as well. And I would easily see how I could use this piece, if I wanted, in a cosplay look. Also the one up magnification was a big hit with the niece and nephew.

Jon L.
Mini Spy Glass

This spyglass is a adorable and also looks cool displayed with Sextant and Compass. Both the spyglass and case are high quality and will up the fun factor wherever it is displayed