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Annual Brush & Asset Packs Access - Become an Adventurer!

Annual Brush & Asset Packs Access - Become an Adventurer!

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Save 15% with an annual subscription & 25% the following year!

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Perks Per Subscription Level

Become a Ruebee - Discounts & Subscriber Only Discord Access

Welcome to the hive!  This is the "I'm just here to show my support of your art" tier!

-Access to the official Deven Rue Discord server's patron-only section
-Exclusive discounts with companies like Die Hard Dice, Found Familiar Coffee, Cantrip Candles, Black Wand, Talon & Claw, and many more!
-Patron exclusive maps & downloads
-Behind-the-scenes peak into new maps, characters, items, & more!
-Free adventuring badge just for being a patron!
-Birthday greetings & special discount!

Become a Ruebee!

Navigator - Free VTT Map Downloads & Cartography Lessons

With your trusty compass in hand, you're leading your party to treasure, fame, honor, and glory!

-Everything from the Discounts & Discord tier.
-Free digital papers to use in your own maps & handouts!
- Free digital postcards
- Free treasure maps
- Free fonts
- Free VTT maps
- Free story maps & assets
- Free cartography lessons
- Free world building articles

Learn the basics of map making for world building as well as creating something to help form your world better.  Topics include things like understanding scale, different biomes, coming up with names & more.  These classes are made up of videos & articles that you can explore at your leisure. 

Lessons include but aren't limited to:

-Understanding Scale & Distance
-Bodies of Water
-Creating satellites
-Giving towns character
-Drawing, Inking, & Shading
-Creating map icons
-Coming up with Names
-Digital as well as on paper techniques
-World Projections
-SO much more!

Become a Navigator!

Adventurer - Free Brush & Asset Packs Access

You go beyond the average adventure and seek the knowledge of the sages...

-Everything from the Discounts &
-Everything from the Navigator tier
-Free ABR brush packs
-Free NPC PDFs with Story Maps, assets, brushes, printables, & alternative maps for times of day and seasons (when applicable)
-Access to complete archives of the above

Become an Adventurer!

Explorer - Free Full Access

You're a benefactor funding new expeditions into the unknown!

-Everything from the Discounts & Discord tier
-Everything from the Navigator tier
-Everything from the Adventurer tier plus..
-Steep discounts on my website
-All access: Everything I offer as a download, the whole kit & caboodle, is free for Explorers. Get alternative maps, brushes, labels, fonts, etc. all free. Includes entire archives!

Become an Explorer!

Archivist - Collaborators Tier

For those looking to add my art to their products at an affordable rate. Message me about collaborating before signing up for this tier.

-Commercial use of my artwork (with contract, please message me first)

Become an Archivist!

Add a tip or just support my art!

Want to add a little something extra to your monthly/annual pledge to help feed the kitties or just to support my art? Don't really care about recieving any of the perks? You can add a monthly or annual tip to your subscription by clicking here!