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Subscriber Exclusive: Rue Adventuring Pins

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Created on our Glowforge, these wooden pins were designed by Deven Rue and are a perfect way to show your adventurous side!  They average 1.5 inches wide by 2 inches tall.  They are made out of maple wood with a metal pin and back. 

Ships within 3-5 business days.

Customer Reviews

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Pamala G.

Got the Adventurer pin and it is wonderful. Well made, and of course the design is great. Pinned it to my game bag and have gotten a lot of comments. Love it.

I'm Official!

These badges are fantastic. They're beautifully designed, artfully crafted, gorgeously displayed, and carefully packaged. I felt like a noble receiving my sealed and stamped documents with titles and lands bestowed upon me when I received mine. I have a gaming bag that I tote with me (during non-pandemic times) to conventions and game sessions elsewhere, but I wouldn't feel comfortable putting this pin on that bag. It is wood, so it would be more fragile and likely not hold up well to the abuse my metal pins can take. However, I will definitely wear mine out and about should I ever get to leave my house again. (Heck, maybe I'll just wear it to a Zoom game session for bragging rights!)