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Cartography Class Access

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Want to learn how I create my maps?  This one-time purchase grants you unlimited access to my cartography class lessons listed below.

Learn at your own pace with videos & articles.  You'll even have access to any updated or new lessons added to this class.  

You will need to make an account to gain access after purchase.

What you can learn from this course:

  • How to understand scale & distance
  • Organizing projects
  • Tools you'll need to make your maps
  • Taking notes to create maps from
  • Examples of drawing digitally
  • Examples of drawing on paper
  • How to set up your project
  • Where to start
  • Worldbuilding from a cartographer's perspective
  • Using Copic markers
  • Various drawing styles of map features
  • Inspirations from our own world
  • and so much more!

Want to gift this class to someone? 

Get them a gift card to make their own account and buy the class themselves with the gift card.

Surveyor & Up patrons:

You do NOT need to purchase this to access the lessons. Simply log into this website and go directly to the lessons via the menu under Tutorials.

Patron exclusives:

  • Worldbuilding prompts