Episode 1: Chained in the Basement

Welcome to the Quip & Quill podcast and our very first episode! Get to meet your hosts, Deven Rue and Simon the Wandering DM, as they talk about villainous campaigns, safety tools at the table, sex with the different classes, consent, and more! Thank you to our special guest, Cait May, for joining in the fun!



Thank you LegendKeeper for becoming not only our first sponsor but also our first patron! We cannot thank you enough for all the love! We hope you enjoy the podcast!

Check out a great example of some of the things you can do on LegendKeeper with Simon's VtM: WoD project! Explore some pages, the maps, and more!

Note from Deven:

Well, I did it! It took me several days and about 4 complete restarts but I finally put it all together and finished editing the first episode. Listen, I'm BRAND new to this. Like, so new that this was literally the first thing I've ever edited in Adobe Auditions (don't came at me with whatever software you use, I'm not listening right now, come back in a few months when I don't feel so stressed for time) much less in a podcast format. It was a process. Also...I loved it! I love learning new skills and feel that for my first ever podcast episode, I did pretty damn good. If you feel otherwise, please keep it to yourself, I'm feeling too good about to hear otherwise.

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