Crowdfunding Projects with Eren Angiolini

Crowdfunding is such a huge part of getting products out to people in the ttrpg space and its important to listen to the experiences of others to help you run your own or improve upon projects you're planning. Eren Angelini, best known for the fanart series "What-if Critical Role" as well as for coloring several of comics such as Justice League and Doctor Who, was kind enough to chat with me about their artistic journey as well as their experience with crowdfunding their own project the Arcane Compendium of Characters. Lots of great advice and insight as well as talking about how they became a colourist and what tools they use to create their art.



TTRPG illustrator (Critical Role - ArtVenturing Guild), most known for the fanart series "What-If Critical Role" (What-if Machina, What-if Nein, What-If Hells). 

Comic Colourist (Critical Role: Mighty Nein Origins - Nott the Brave & Caduceus Clay, Justice League, Doctor Who)

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