Chatting with Ed Greenwood

Audio Warning: Ed's mic clicks and spikes throughout the conversation. I've done my best to edit them out and/or to fix the issues as best as possible but sadly, I can only do so much without editing entire words or responses out.

Known for his amazing books, worldbuilding, and stories, Ed Greenwood has been in the TTRPG community before there even was one! Join Simon, Deven, & Ed while they talk about Ed's inspiring 400k book collection, what tools he uses to create his stories, how his writing has changed over the years, and tons more!

Bonus episode this week with more of the conversation with Ed! Since we recorded several hours of us talking about work, the industry, our passions, art, and gaming I've decided to put the remaining portion of our conversation as this week's bonus episode just for patrons!


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Coming up next week: Matthew Mercer from Critical Role

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