Help deter art theft

Help deter art theft

A few years ago, I had a few pieces of mine stolen off of the internet and made into posters being sold for a ridiculous amount of money and never crediting me as an artist.  I had to fight them to get them taken down and I never received a penny from the sales.  I've since have done my best to make sure anything I share on social media is low res and watermarked.

When I post my art for you to download, I don't include huge watermarks or anything because I want you to enjoy the art unobstructed and trust that you would never share any of my large files on the internet.  That's why each file in the header of my posts is the smaller watermarked version.  If you wish to share it, please share that.

Especially to those who have access to the landscape versions of my maps: These have NO text on them for your convenience.  Please don't share any version of them in any size on the internet.  These are for you all alone.

I love the enthusiasm everyone has for my art and if we lived in a different world where there wasn't a concern, trust me, I'd be sharing my art the same way.  Unfortunately, I not everyone is as awesome as all of you are!

Please don't feel you can't share my work, just make sure my name is clearly visible on the image you do share.  Thank you! <3 

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