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The Jaded Jester Tavern Sign

The Jaded Jester Tavern Sign

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Most people avoid this part of town completely unless they have specific business to conduct. Even the guards steer clear of it, knowing the residence in this area pay for the protection of a local crime syndicate. In the middle of all this chaos is a tavern 3 stories high and rumored to be just as many floors underground. There's a "public" side room where watered down drinks and greasy food is served. Three small "rooms" barely bigger than a closet can be rented by the hour or by the night. There is no room service.

The main building, however, is brightly colored and well lit. Balconies over the streets are bejeweled with the finest dressed individuals just waiting to entertain someone for the "right price". Music is always pouring out of the windows & door as if the party never stops.

The bouncers are stationed around the building no more than 10 feet apart and armed to the teeth. Some say they are the least of your worries if you tried to sneak your way in.

The Jaded Jester is a tavern that attracts some pretty shady characters. Even guessing the password at the door might get you in trouble. What do you think the password could be?


Download is 72DPI, around 10M, and available upon purchase. Great to use with your favorite VTT. Final image does not contain watermark. All art is original and copyrighted by Deven Rue. Available for limited commercial use by Adventurers & up subscribers.

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