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Arradyn City VTT Map Pack

Arradyn City VTT Map Pack

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Out in the harsh desert landscape is an oasis unlike any other. Arradyn is protected by a powerful magic that keeps the walled city protected from the heat and sun. Lush gardens, trees, and a spectacular lake makes this vibrant city a haven for weary travelers trying to cross the desert.

But there's more to the city than meets the eye. Arradyn's lake is said to grant the residents of the city unusually long lives, though not immortality. Drinking from the lake or nearby wells will refresh you (effects of a long rest), heal you (roll a D20 to gain HP back, can be done once an hour), or extend your life (swimming or laying mostly submerged in the lake or tub filled with lake water for an hour will extend your natural life by 1 year - this can be done every 7 days).

However, once the water leaves the rune barriers, it loses it's magical properties within 24 hours and becomes poisonous after 48 hours. So fill up your canteens before journeying out but don't wait on using it!

The eastern ridge of the city has a natural cavern entrance between 2 enormous sculptures of hooded figures with patina vases ready to pour something into their other hand. They are adorned with growing crowns of living yellow roses. The sculpture of these statues has long since passed and their name forgotten but it is said that they created them to guard over the first to ever be buried in the catacombs that riddle the mesa they stand on. This is where the people of Arradyn take their final rest and annual rituals of walking through the catacombs is held in honor of the ancestors.

The exotic plants that thrive in the gardens here and throughout the nearby desert lend to the colorful array of canopies that stretch between buildings. Though the magical barrier protects the residents from the heat, it doesn't block the brightness of the sun, and finding some shade is important throughout the day. Most gardens are covered by thinner fabrics to let in some partial sun and water is poured across them to act as a sprinkler system for the plants below or just for fun in a land where it hardly rains.

These fabrics also advertise local businesses as well! You can locate the local music instructor by looking for the canvas with musical notes printed across it. Or the weaver with their woven patterned canvas!

Outside each entrance to the city is various tents & market stalls. Some tents house military and others house travelers who prefer staying to themselves or when there is not enough room at the few inns the city has.

Downloads are 72DPI and available upon purchase. Final image does not contain watermark.  All art is original and copyrighted by Deven Rue.  Not for resale or distribution, neither in part or whole, in any manner. For personal use only.

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