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Ship Token Map Weight

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This stunning metal token is designed by Deven Rue & made by Campaign Coins. If you've seen our previous collaborations, you know these are beautifully crafted pieces and are a fantastic addition to the set!

The Deven Rue Ship Token is a beautiful art object, but is also designed for gaming sessions. The metal token is also heavy enough to act as a paperweight, a character's focus, charm, and more! It is two inches from side to side. The cutouts make it easy to attach this beautiful piece to a chain. 

The Deven Rue Ship Token is 2 inches diameter (50 mm) and over 1/8th inch (4 mm) thick. It is heavy, weighing 1 1/2 oz (40 grams). It has an Antique Bronze finish.

Customer Reviews

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Dustin P.
Map weights fracking rock

Y'all - I have SO MANY of these map weights and I love each and every one of them. Why do I have so many? Because we also have a lot of Deven's maps, and I like to change out the weights. I also use the weights as in-game props. I can't recommend these enough.

They are weighty, solid, and durable. A must-have for any map usage.