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Queen's Treasure Prop Map

Queen's Treasure Prop Map

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Called the "Jewel of the Kingdom" the Queen's Treasure is a region renown for it's diverse landscape, it's bountiful resources, and it's endless beauty. It is the home and birthplace of the Queen Regent and the People's Palace, where she tireless greets all her subjects, regardless of rank, to hear their grievances, their compliments, their hardship, their joy, and their love of their just queen.

Each map is printed using archival ink on paper that is carefully stained, aged, and sealed by hand to create a unique parchment-like prop map that can be beautifully displayed in your home or gifted to your players for an immersive experience.  Each map is embossed with the official seal of The Magisterial Society of Scriveners & Cartographers and signed by Deven Rue herself.  Images shown are examples of previous maps created and do not reflect the exact map you will be receiving. Each map is a one of a kind. 

Approximately 36x24 inches.  These maps come folded.  Ships within 5-7 business days.

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