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D20 Pouch Pattern

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This is the pattern I used to create my D20 dice pouches.  You can use the pattern by itself or use the instructions to create your own leather pouch.  No items are shipped with this product. You'll receive a zip file with the pattern & instructions at checkout.

Just a few notes about this pattern/project:

  • You can add your own art sell the physical product.  
  • You cannot add my maps to them and sell them.  
  • You cannot sell or distribute the pattern.
  • Modify the pattern however you wish to suit your needs.
  • Materials list and links included.
  • Instructions are included on assembly as well as saving an image in Photoshop/Illustrator as an SVG.

Speaking of SVG... I didn't include an SVG file in this because you need to add the art and/or numbers to the pattern before doing so.  However, the Photoshop file has everything in layers so you can easily just add your art and save.

Lastly... TAG ME IF YOU CREATE SOMETHING!  I'm dying to see what you all do with this so please feel free to tag me in posts of your creations and let's see some amazing D20 pouches!