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Barovia Prop Map

Barovia Prop Map

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Created for Beadle & Grimm's Legendary Edition of The Curse of Strahd this full color map of Barovia is begging to be slapped down on the table in front of your players!

Grab this approximately 36x23" inch prop map printed on stained, aged & sealed paper!  Each one is unique! These maps come folded.

Prop map does not contain the watermark but does have the WotC copyright in the lower right-hand corner.  This map, art, & all names/titles shown are copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast in conjunction with Beadle & Grimm.  Not for resale or distribution, neither in part or whole, in any manner. For personal use only. Puppets & other props are not included with your order, only the map.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Absolutely Stunning

When I opened the box to get this map, I genuinely gasped at how beautiful it is. This map has such incredible weight, perfect aging, and is just the best map I've ever had. I originally bought the Beadle and Grimm legendary edition of Curse of Strahd which also featured a version of this map(which is also available on this store for a steal of $20+) and I wondered if investing in the prop map was worth it considering that the printed version in the beadle and grimm set was already stunning with great texture and feel. I can confirm that the prop map is worth it. It is a perfect item that really makes the players feel like they are in Barovia. I wish I had better words beyond stunning, but I'm still at a loss after seeing the map in person. Possibly the greatest investment I've ever made in a DND game.

Dyllan (.A.A.T.
A perfect depiction of Barovia (and excellent customer service)

Barovia holds a near and dear place to my heart. Curse of Strahd was the first campaign book I ever ran, I was deeply entrenched in the r/CurseofStrahd subreddit community for DMs of the module, and I spent 7 months writing a massive Tome of Strahd supplement to the module.

Curse of Strahd got me and my friends through quarantine. This spooky demiplane means the world to me.

Deven Rue has created an impeccable iteration of the module's map. The linework and colors are immaculate. The texture of the paper alone is worth the purchase.

Not only that, after I received a slightly damaged version in the mail, Ms. Rue replied to a customer service message within the hour, sent me a return label for the original, and shipped me a pristine replacement that was at my front door faster than I was able to send the first one back.

11/10 would recommend to anyone that loves the demiplanes of dread.

Dominic R.
Well worth it.

I consider this one of the best purchases I have ever made for any TTRPG, let alone 5e. I audibly gasped when I opened the package as this map was not only packaged beautifully, but the map itself is incredible. It's made on thick, heavy paper (?) that is foldable, but also stiff so as to give the feel of a well-worn map that had time and care dedicated to making it. The illustrations are beautiful, and it's been made in such a way that giving it to your players early (mine will be given to them by a friendly Rictavio) is not a misstep, but instead encourages them to explore every inch of Barovia. There are random stains to the map that obviously mark it as completely unique in its make while also following the map that most CoS DMs are familiar with to a T. If you're looking for a fun, creative, well-crafted physical representation of something for your players, this is it--but it also would be beautiful to just frame it and put it on your wall. It is obviously an investment, but Deven Rue does an incredible job and this is well worth the money.

A beautiful map

Beautifully crafted actual prop map; this is probably the most meticulously drawn D&D map I’ve seen or owned, carefully and lovingly packaged with personalized thank you note.

An amazing gift

Our DM's birthday came up, and upon finding this we knew it was perfect. I'm writing this review just after he opened it (with the help of his two year old son), and we watched with bated breath as he looked through. I feel like the best review of this would be excerpts from our group chat as he posted pictures:
"Oh my gods"
"I have only felt cloth and printing paper and blueprints and cardstock maps. This is...something else. Like holding something made of...hide"
"Mmmmm. Those deckle edges."

I can't personally speak to how the map feels due to the ongoing pandemic, but from the pictures my DM sent and his descriptions, it is absolutely gorgeous and well-made. I will highly recommend this for anybody who has a DM who is running Curse of Strahd.