We can all use a little help

As a tiny business, it's really difficult to get my name out there and earn a living at this. So when customers leave reviews, share images of the tangible items they purchased from me on social media, or just tag me on a post can make a world of difference!

If you've purchased from me before and liked what you got, please consider heading to that product page and leaving a review.  If you do, I'll send you a code for 10% off your order (verified purchases only)!

If you've given it as a gift, please share their reaction!  If you've have received some of my work as a gift, please share your reaction on your social networks! 

If you're a patron, maybe shout out that you support me on Twitter or Facebook!

If you haven't bought a tangle item, how about mentioning me on Twitter and telling me how much you and/or your party liked the map?  Or maybe leaving a comment on my Facebook page.  

Word of mouth is HUGE for tiny businesses like mine and even more so in the TTRPG community. Every little shout out makes a difference!