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Very Satisfied!

These maps are amazing! The quality and detail are fantastic! I was also pleased when the map arrived in the mail inside of a tube, protecting it from folds and creases. Can't wait to surprise my players with a physical map! Will definitely be back for more maps when the time comes!

Love Them!

I absolutely love these leggings. I wore them the other day while streaming and received several compliments on how they looked. They're also incredible comfortable!

So Comfy!

These leggings are so comfortable that I don't want to take them off.

8 Tentacles up!

Comfortable and displays my love for the cephalopods! Keeps me safe and looks great.

Feel Like a Real Adventurer

Looking for directions, but can't find them. Want to know the time, but all you have is the sun in the sky...
Look no further than this awesome Compass/Sundial. Not only is the box it comes in super official looking, but the piece itself will have you looking for your next adventure.
Could not be happier to begin adventuring again with this awesome piece by my side.

My Favorite Desk Coaster!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the design of this coaster. And the color - which happens to be my favorite color AND the color of my water bottle that sits on top of it most of the day while I'm at my computer. It's the perfect compliment. It's already been drenched in water and dropped on the tile by my dog so it's also very durable.

Gorgeous Coasters!

I can't get over how beautiful these coasters are. The photos don't do them justice. They make me feel wistful and loved and nostalgic but most of all they simply make me happy to look at (and use of course)! Consider this my love letter to these love letter coasters.

My Go-To Earrings!

I have three different colors of these earrings and I love them. My go-to are the white ones since they go with EVERYTHING. I love the size because it's easy to tell what they are, but because they're acrylic, they're really light and I can barely feel them while wearing them. They're my favorite earrings. (I happen to be the woman in the photos showing them off!)


The pictures of these coasters do not even begin to capture their beauty. They are extremely well made and the perfect coaster for any setting whether it is at a desk or off on an adventure through different plains.

Love these coasters for holding drinks and rolling dice!

These coasters are BEAUTIFUL and large enough to hold a 32 ounce water bottle comfortably. The hand poured nature of these meant the shades of blue for the resin are just slightly different, which I love and adds to their uniqueness! I have also used one as a dice rolling tray for my D&D campaign and it has worked surprisingly well! They're very sturdy and so stunning to look at on my coffee table.


O. M. G. !!! I'm in love with this mug! Despite being, ordinarily, a lover of mugs the size of soup bowls, this 11 oz serving seems just right for lazy mornings when I've just gotten off work and I need to unwind. After weeks of regular abuse—I mean, use—the colors are still bright and fresh with no chips or cracks in the ceramic. I would purchase again!

fun shirt!

I am the father of 4, so this shirt is one of my go to weekend family adventure shirts now. I'm 5'8", and sadly about 215 and the large fits great.

fits great, fun print.

I own lots of neck gaiters and this one has become my go to for adventures! Print is great, fits me well.

Map weights fracking rock

Y'all - I have SO MANY of these map weights and I love each and every one of them. Why do I have so many? Because we also have a lot of Deven's maps, and I like to change out the weights. I also use the weights as in-game props. I can't recommend these enough.

They are weighty, solid, and durable. A must-have for any map usage.


Can't recommend these maps high enough just received my barovia map in the mail, and the detail and quality are impeccable!
Printed on really high quality paper with a very barovian feel to the art it's perfect.

Super cute!

The colors in the design are really crisp and bright, so the design pops! On top of that, it’s a well-made case that feels like it’ll hold up well to normal wear and tear

Beautiful Pin

This pin has been added to my main lanyard, not just because it is metal and hefty, but also a beautiful addition.

I am excited to see it out in the wild and meet fellow members of the Rue Hive!

A Gorgeous Mug

This mug is not only bigger than expected, but beautiful as well. Being able to have a little piece of Deven's art that greets my morning coffee or afternoon tea each day is a the gift that keeps on giving.

Who doesn't want some inspiration for haunting seaside adventures?

Dicey Map Making
a great tool for when you have cartographers block.

I just started reading the catography tutorials, and this is a great tool to go along with those, but even for people not taking the tutorials, this pdf is perfect for generating a map relatively quickly.
Perfect if you need to quick sketch a map as a handout, as the first draft of a bigger map project.

Most useful tool at my table

My players absolutely need visual aids when a complicated combat starts or I lay out a puzzle for them at the table. This coin alone has helped with communication between myself and players at nearly every encounter in our games. Since we also stream, it's an important tool for letting our viewers know directions as well. While you could just write a compass rose, this is far easier and more beautiful than any compass rose I've ever drawn. Make your games more visually appealing and help foster good communication with your players.

A beautiful map

Beautifully crafted actual prop map; this is probably the most meticulously drawn D&D map I’ve seen or owned, carefully and lovingly packaged with personalized thank you note.


Comes in the cutest little wooden box, very well made, and fits the spyglass perfectly. The spyglass itself is high quality and has a good weight, and it expands and retracts super smoothly. So happy with this!

Fun and comfy

This shirt is super soft and comfortable. Love the design and how could one not want to spread the message to work like a captain and play like a pirate!

Wonderful Quality!

This sleeve is just perfect for my traveling laptop or just to keep the dust and furr-baby hair off/out of it. It's made out of high quality material and is extremely soft to the touch both inside and out. The padding amount is just right, the art print is superb, and the double zipper on it will last forever. I absolutely love it!

Ayon Map Prints
Zachary D.
First Map

Absolutely in love with this map!! Happy with how fast it got to me, the quality and I can not wait to have my group enjoy it as much as I do!!!