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Stellar content and care on both Patreon and Deven's shop.

I've only recently become a patron of Ms. Rue but it only took a few seconds to see that my choice was worth it. Deven is providing top tier content, is always available to answer questions and makes sure that your experience is the best it can be.

I highly recommend supporting her and can attest of the quality of the content that is made accessible by our Mistress of Maps.

PS: Her discord community is full of welcoming folks and it has octopus emojis.. What else do you need ?!

Deven Rue
Benjamin W.F./.B.
Great resources for TTRPGs and more!

I have been enhancing my D&D campaigns with resources from Deven for more than a year. Streamable classes and other lessons on cartography have been a great help to my mapmaking activities. Nothing quite like the big grins that I get from my players when that extra flair strikes.
Deven you have my eternal gratitude!


I've been a Patron of Deven's for a few years. Originally, because of her map making but over time discovered all of the other amazing items created and available in her shop. Anything I've ever order arrives timely and packaged with care. In fact, I often don't want to open the package because the packaging is a work of art in itself! Besides being a fan of Deven's creative works, it is special to see how she interacts with all of her community in her Discord channel. Regardless of how busy she is she always takes time to encourage and interact with all the folks there. When it comes to being an inspiring good force in this world, Deven is the real deal!

Love being a Patron of Deven's - Worth every Penny!

I originally joined Deven's community through Patreon (several years ago now) from seeing her cartography for CR. I have never regretted it. Now support her directly as a patron here. I am a DM and World Builder, an artist and a scientist (in a heavy GIS and Geography/geology related field) I fell in love with her traditional mapmaking skills and style and her prop making. The videos and training she shares, along with tips and help through her discord are more than worth the "price of admission" and the Discord community she has built is - "chef's kiss" - inclusive and safe, supportive and sharing - closest thing to a perfect online community I have found. Then add in discounts to the wonderful items Deven and Bre create for her store, and discounts at partner vendors/artists? I have gotten MUCH more than my money's worth!

An amazing community and so much value for being a member

I've been a member of Deven's community since November, backing on patreon first, and recently moving my membership over to her website.

The value I get as part of my membership is incredible. The cartography classes are incredible. The discord community instantly felt like home, and is one of the few I am active in. There are also tons of discounts, free downloads, and many other perks that make pledging a no brainer.

Deven Rue
Let’s go on an adventure!

I have been a patron of Deven Rue’s for many years. The quality of maps and other goodies (I especially enjoyed the wax seals I bought for quests and props) is always so good and brings a sense realism to my high fantasy fun.

Speaking as also a Patron, I highly recommend the cartography courses that are available. They’re interesting and informative and my maps are finally getting better!

So grab your drawing pencils, your compass, & your imagination and come join us for an adventure!

Best Patreon rewards, loveliest community, all the

Deven runs an amazing Patreon with tons of rewards for everyone and an absolutely awesome engaged-but-chill Discord server where there are giveaways, games, pet photos, and discussions about all kinds of creative and nerdy endeavors—all well-organized so it's not overwhelming. There's no one more generous than Deven when it comes to spoiling her patrons!