Map Queue & Commissions

Map Queue & Commissions

My map queue is looking to be finished in summer of 2021 and I want to prepare everyone well ahead of time if they'd like to commission me for a cartography project. 

Non-commercial, Non-exclusive Maps

If you want to commission me to create a map based off of your world and it isn't for commercial or exclusive work, continue reading.  If you need commercial or exclusive licensing, skip to the next section.

  • Non-commercial work means you do not intend to make money off of the design in any fashion.
  • Non-exclusive means the design can be shared with the general public in any manner I see fit.

If your project meets both of those requirements, you can simply be a patron for the chance to have a map created by me.  Once the current map queue is finished, I'll be starting from the highest pledge level and inquiring if anyone would like a map created by me.  Patrons who have been with me longer get first dibs.  I will continue to work in that pledge level until everyone who wants a map, has one and then I'll move down to the next pledge level.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

This means that starting at the Archivist level, whenever I have a spot open to create a project, I'll send a message out to that tier asking who wants a map created.  Whoever response and has been a patron longest will have their map made first.  Once everyone at the Archivist level has had a map made, I'll move down to the Patron of the Arts level and start all over again.

New patrons pledging at a higher level that has already been completed will be included in the same pool as the level I'm currently working with.  So if a patron joins the Adventurers level while I'm working with the Navigators, they will be added to the Navigators pool instead of having to wait for me to get back to that level.


Commercial and/or Exclusive Licensing

All commercial/exclusive work is done on a per project basis and subject to availability.  I will let you know my schedule during initial contact.   

  • Commercial works are any that you intend to make money with in any fashion.  This requires a contract agreement.  (Including but not limited to novels, modules, campaign guides, etc.)
  • Exclusive works are any projects you do *not* want shared with the general public whether for personal reasons or other.   This requires a contract agreement.

Although I need to see the amount of detail needed to give an exact quote, most maps start at $1500 and run up to $5000 for commercial/exclusive maps.

NOTE: Your pledge, after fees, can be counted towards your project to work like a monthly payment.



 Lead time average until I see the exact work being requested:

  • Battle maps: 4-7 days
  • City/town maps: 10-14 days
  • Regional maps: 2-3 weeks
  • Continent maps: 2-3 weeks
  • World maps: 3-6 weeks


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What amount of detail/information do you need/want for a commission?
A. It really doesn't matter. If you want something more fun & original, give me only what you absolutely must have on the map and let me do the rest. If you want something you created simply turned into my style of drawing, give me as much/little as you want and tell me to fill in the blanks (if any).

Q. Can I commission more than one map at a time?
A. No, I accept a single commission at a time.  Should you want other maps made, you would need to wait until I had another opening available. This allows for as many people as possible to get something from me.

Q. How do I order a prop map (or other products/collaborations you do) of something you drew for me?
Just send me a message!  I'm happy to work with you to get you prop maps, cloth maps, dice bags, trays, journals, etc.!  I will put you in touch with the people I collaborate with to get you exactly what you're looking for.

Q. Can you draw [fill in whatever established setting/world]?
No, I cannot make maps of copyrighted worlds.

Q. What if it's an area of [fill in whatever established setting/world] that doesn't have a map yet?
No, I cannot make maps of copyrighted worlds.