Commercial Use

Adventurers & Up have Digital Commercial Use of specific maps and illustrations, including tavern signs. This includes both versions with and without locations indicated to allow you to add your own if you wish.

Maps & illustrations available for commercial use will state it directly on any download pages the art is mentioned/featured on. 

--------------------------------- Terms & Conditions: ---------------------------------

USE: You can only use the specified maps/illustrations on digital products. This means you cannot offer or sell physical or tangible products featuring my maps/illustrations (unless previously discussed), including but not limited to prints, handouts, promotional material, print-on-demand products, engraved, burned, nor recreated in any manner on a tangible item. If you want to use my work on tangible items, please message me first for a licensing contract.

Distribution: You prohibited from distributing my maps/illustrations, free or otherwise, beyond their inclusion as a part of a module or setting. In other words, if you sell a module or campaign setting featuring one of my maps, they can be included as part of the PDF as well as provided as a file included in the packet for VTT use. You cannot sell nor distribute my maps/illustrations in the same manner to which I currently do: as individual illustrations, maps or map packs. They MUST be accompanied by a setting or adventure.

GenAI: Your product cannot use nor display Generative AI art in any fashion nor have been made in any capacity or percentage using Generative AI regardless of the final product not using or displaying it. Generative AI is any program/software that generates images based on prompts regardless of who provided the prompts, inputted the prompts, produced the images, or trained the program/software.

Explicit or Violent Acts: Your product cannot contain any text nor art depicting any violence or sexually explicit acts involving minors or animals, nor any non-consensual sexual acts.

Attribution: Any use of the work is to attributed to Deven Rue as the artist and sole copyright owner: "All rights reserved & copyrighted by Deven Rue". Attribution is required wherever the art/maps is displayed.

Extended Use: If you stop being a patron, you cannot publish any new digital products with my maps/illustrations. However, if you already have a product that you created and published while being a patron, you do not have remove the art from the product but it cannot be included in any future versions, expansions, or chapters.


Request Changes to existing maps/illustrations for commercial use:

To request a specific map/illustration with no labels and/or changes, please message me what map/illustration you are looking to have altered, what you would like those changes to be, and any deadlines they would be needed by. If the changes are extensive, there may be a fee so please provide as much information as you can when contacting me.