Kartografrs Sifr (Cartographer's Code) Deven Rue

Kartografrs Sifr (Cartographer's Code)

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This is not your average alphabet exchange code. Instead, each symbol represents a sound and words are written phonetically; such as the name "kartografrs sifr" to read "cartographer's cypher".  This means that your players will not be able to decipher the code without the key.  I also made a lexicon of the most commonly used words in cartography and assign them all symbols akin to the font.  They are great for adding a simple one word icon to a map to indicate something is there.

You'll find 2 fonts you can install as well as a PDF on how to use them. To install the fonts just click the file to open them and choose "install" in the upper left-hand corner.  Or right-click on the file and choose install.

The cipher and lexicon are for personal non-commercial use only.

I make my text using Photoshop and Fontself.