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Cartographer: A Ranger Archetype Signature Series Deven Rue

Cartographer: A Ranger Archetype

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The Cartographer is a ranger archetype for intrepid explorers, mapmakers, and trailblazers who forge their own paths through the wilderness. As a Cartographer, you create a Master Map that channels the energy of the land it depicts, granting mundane benefits as well as unique arcane powers. Pack your compass, paper, and charcoal, and prepare to chart your epic journey!

About the Authors

Hannah Rose is a freelance writer, editor, and game designer who has worked with Wizards of the Coast on titles such as Mythic Odysseys of Theros and Explorer's Guide to Wildemount. Her other Dungeon Masters Guild work includes the platinum bestselling College of the Opera and several titles as a member of the DMs Guild Adepts.

Known for her maps on Critical Role and Godsfall, Deven Rue is a visually impaired cartographer, illustrator, and prop maker with a unique approach to creating fantasy maps.