What was Posted in September 2022

What was Posted in September 2022

New on DevenRue.com

Added to the Pirates of Blood Reef Isles:

  • Meet the Crew PDF - Get to know a the history and legend of Captain Darkreef & her armada, links to a recommended soundscape & candle scent, learn the different positions/ranks the crew members have and what their duties are, get a brief description of all 34 crew members, and learn about the quality of life of pirates both in and out of the armada. 13pages and just under 5k words.
  • Flag System - Simple colored flag system to help the armada pirate ships to communicate while at sea

Summoning the Dragon - a summoning circle design

New Coasters Added:

New Wax Seal: Black Hand Skyrim inspired seal

New on Roll20

Coming to Roll20 in October:

  • Avalon Map
  • Galat Map Pack
  • The Blood Reef Isles Map
  • Corvail Map Pack
  • Dragon Isles Map
  • and more!

New on Ko-fi

My Ko-fi shop is now officially open with several of my map packs, custom brushes, & more!  Also, now with the option of supporting my art monthly if you wish!

My first Ko-fi exclusive: Building a Backstory Pre-Game - This pay-what-you-want guide helps you take your players through their character's childhood to create a much more immersive, fleshed out character.



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