So...we're acquiring a dice company...

If you don't follow me on Twitter, or if you do and missed it, there's a thread in which Tabletop Loot (a company I helped get started several years ago) was going to close their shop at the end of the year. I mentioned it to my wife and said that I think it would be perfect for us to take over. After a bit of discussion...that's exactly what's happening!!!

Everything with my site, cartography, etc. will remain exactly the same as it is. We'll be taking over TTL's website and social accounts at the beginning of next year. And of COURSE you're all going to have a discount on anything we sell there! We're hoping to expand their monthly loot box subscription, which we'll be adding to my website as well. It's going to be a bit busy over here for a bit but I'm excited...and a bit terrified if I'm going to be completely honest.

If you want help we'll be posting new links and such on my social media as well as that of TTL and any signal boosting is appreciated. Of course, any sales once we take over also help tremendously!

To answer some questions:

Q. Will we continue the loot boxes?
A. As stated above, yes and we're hoping to expand on them.

Q. Will you continue to support the free dice for schools program?
A. Yes! This is something we believe in STRONGLY so that will be a priority to maintain.

Q. Will you be making handmade dice?
A. We might take a stab at making our own dice down the road but for now we're more focused on making sure the current customers of TTL don't see any interruption in service or quality.

Q. Will you sell things other than dice?
A. Yes, we are planning on working with other artists & companies in the ttrpg space to expand the loot boxes as well as merchandise for the shop.

We're super excited and will be keeping everyone updated as things move along. Thank you for your continued support, we couldn't do any of this without you!

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Very excited to see! I was super sad when they made their announcement and Iā€™m very relieved to hear the legacy will continue with people they trust. Thank you for being a part of the core that started up Tabletop Loot in the first place, and for stepping up to keep it alive!


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